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Bakersfield Civil Litigation Attorney

Are you involved in a potential California civil lawsuit?

Civil litigation involves lawsuits between two or more opposing parties that are handled in civil, as opposed to criminal, courts. These may be state or federal courts. The parties in a civil lawsuit generally seek monetary damages for a perceived wrong and / or a court order for specific performance, which requires that one of the parties perform a specific action as a legal remedy. In some cases where flagrant wrongdoing occurred, parties may seek and be awarded punitive damages as well.

If you are facing a potential civil lawsuit as an individual or a business, you will want an experienced trial attorney to represent you should your case proceed to court. At the Law Offices of Indra Lahiri, you will find a legal team with 42 years of courtroom experience in all types of civil litigation, from business lawsuits to personal injury cases and more. The firm is fully prepared to handle your dispute through all of the phases of civil litigation process. Your Bakersfield civil litigation lawyer will ensure that you fully understand your legal rights and options throughout the duration of your case, providing the responsive legal service that is so important.

Civil Litigation Cases

A common form of civil litigation is a dispute between businesses which is taken to the courts for a resolution. Business disputes can arise in the course of doing business for any company, large or small. These disputes can be internal ones, among partners, shareholders, and officers or external ones involving customers, clients, distributors, suppliers, and other business entities. Such disputes may involve breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, employee relations, infringement of patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets, insurance claims, or an almost limitless list of other business concerns. Where such disputes cannot be settled through negotiation or arbitration, they will require an experienced trial lawyer. Experience is a key factor in gaining the case results you seek in any civil lawsuit.

Contact a Bakersfield civil litigation attorney at the firm for seasoned legal representation in any business, federal, or other civil lawsuit today.