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Bakersfield Personal Injury Litigation Attorney

Representing Injury Victims in and around Bakersfield, California

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident or incident caused by the negligence of another individual or business entity, you may be involved in a personal injury case. Personal injury law entitles you to legal compensation for both economic and non-economic damages where appropriate. These damages may include your past and predicted future medical expenses, past and predicted future loss of wages or earning potential, pain, suffering, emotional anguish, disability, or similar damages. Where a personal injury claim does not result in a full and fair settlement for your damages through negotiation , you may need to take your claim to court in civil litigation.

In a personal injury litigation case, your case may hinge on the quality and experience of your trial lawyer. At the Law Offices of Indra Lahiri, you will find a Bakersfield litigation attorney with decades of experience who has successfully litigated many personal injury and wrongful death cases. His case results include millions of dollars in settlements.

Personal Injury Litigation Cases

When an individual or business entity is careless in regards to the safety of others resulting in injuries or death, a personal injury civil lawsuit may follow. A common personal injury case may involve negligence on the part of a driver which leads to a traffic accident. Other personal injury lawsuits may result from dangerous or defective consumer products which lead to injuries on the part of those consumers who use them as directed, from slip and fall accidents on properties where safety hazards have not been remedied by property owners, and in medical malpractice cases.

Another type of personal injury case may stem from intentional wrongdoing on the part of a person against a victim as well as negligence on the part of third parties in the workplace where workers are injured. The attorneys at the firm handle all types of personal injury and wrongful death litigation cases.

Contact a Bakersfield personal injury litigation lawyer at the firm for experienced legal representation in your civil lawsuit today.